Complementing Lifestyle of the Affluent

The luxury lifestyle experiences and commerce platform, networking affluent members of prestigious private clubs worldwide.

MobiCom caters to the lifestyle of the affluent by offering exclusively curated privileges and access to benefits that are one-of-a-kind.

Private Clubs.

Private Clubs are membership driven institutions established by members of high society who share common interests and lifestyle. They include Golf, City, Country, Athletic and Yacht clubs. Club life has deep influence on lifestyle choices and investment decisions by members.

Private Club Members.

Members of private clubs represent 1% of the world’s most affluent consumers with a taste for finer things in life and luxurious lifestyle. They are entrepreneurs, successful professionals, and opinion makers of the modern society. Club life and social connections are highly valued source for information and recommendations.

MobiCom offers luxury shopping experiences with tangible value and extraordinary benefits to its customers.

MobiCom aggregates and orchestrates an exclusive network of prestigious private clubs and their affluent members worldwide, through its platforms PlatinumClubNet™ and OneClubNet™. These platforms not only enable members seamless access to private clubs and networking with fellow members worldwide, but also deliver asset utilization and member engagement solutions to private clubs, generating revenue.

MobiCom offers experiential engagements and delivers personalized products, services with special benefits and privileges to its affluent consumers, through Luxior™. MobiCom’s customers benefit in value not only from the power of aggregation but also through rewards on account of a centralized transaction process, driven by its fintech platform.

MobiCom Global Platforms and Solutions develops and maintains our proprietary product platforms powered by an in-house team of media, commerce, and digital technology experts.

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