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Luxiorâ„¢ Features in Hills Views and Valley Luxury Magazine

January 26, 2021

Luxior showcased in Hills Views & Valley, a lifestyle magazine encompassing all aspects of a luxurious life across arts and culture and commerce and community. Hills Views & Valleys is the portal into fine home design and acquisition, visionary lifestyle trends, and scintillating entertainment news to captivate its readers.

The magazine provides refreshing perspective focusing on luxury in business, fashion, beauty and wellness, entertainment, and social trends is imparted with thoughtfully written articles alongside stunning photographic imagery.

Member Lifestyle-based Experiences

December 5, 2020

2020 is a year in human history that has redefined the way we cherish what life has to offer and keep hopes alive. while many lost all they had, many more reinvented themselves. as they say, the darkest hour drives the strongest human spirit.

PlatinumClubNet enables clubs stay relevant to members during such times, offering the ability to complement their lifestyle, outside of the club. PlatinumClubNet offers a host of lifestyle experiences with exclusive privileges, that no one else can offer to members, across entertainment, sporting, and shopping, and accentuating the value of membership.